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I do believe in magic, I do! I do! August 12, 2009

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After our first horrifying day at Disneyland, this was me.


We never even made it back there from the hotel, opting instead to invest in an early night for all. This investment paid us MASSIVE dividends on day two – boy oh boy, I’ll write more about this another time when we’re not still in LA land and trying to make the most of our final hours on this fine continent, but let pictures speak the words I presently cannot:

kids on poo ride

small world

kids and goofy

caleb is for c

family monsters inc

ella watching fireworks

cass watching fireworks


Ah yes, magic exists. Little Mister got his act together and had not ONE tantrum the entire day. There were a couple of threats mind you, but they fizzled out almost as soon as they began. Ah me.

caleb parade

There was an actual point during the day that I realised I was just walking around with a big stupid grin on my face. Okay Disneyland. You win. And then, in a final moment of private victory:

finding mary

My own little happily ever after…