My Life as a Boob

Adventures in comedy, child-rearing and combinations thereof.

FAQ March 19, 2009

Wow, I’ve always wanted to have one of these. And now I do.



So Jen, why, oh why, would you call your blog ‘My Life as a Boob’?

What an enchanting question. Well, my re-entrance into the blogging world coincided with (though no coincidentally, au contrere, it was very much instigated by) the birth of my third child. My desire to blog again came about when I realised I was spending 23 hours a day as a milk-bar and desperately needed some sort of outlet for the other – perhaps less nourishing, but nonetheless important – parts of this body.

However, far for it to be that you think I am just all about smutty humour! Oh no, my blog title is far deeper than that…in that ‘boob’ can also mean ‘stupid’. Aha! Bet you didn’t know that, did ya?! You boob, you!!!! So yes, this is me celebrating, embracing and indulging in my newfound boob-ish status…I assure you it is no coincidence either, that your brain cells drain out with the breastmilk.

So as long as I go on feeding, so shall this blog continue to be likewise nourished.

That is all.

Why don’t you have a longer FAQ list?

What a delight of a question! Why indeed?

Because I’m a boob.


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