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I do believe in magic, I do! I do! August 12, 2009

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After our first horrifying day at Disneyland, this was me.


We never even made it back there from the hotel, opting instead to invest in an early night for all. This investment paid us MASSIVE dividends on day two – boy oh boy, I’ll write more about this another time when we’re not still in LA land and trying to make the most of our final hours on this fine continent, but let pictures speak the words I presently cannot:

kids on poo ride

small world

kids and goofy

caleb is for c

family monsters inc

ella watching fireworks

cass watching fireworks


Ah yes, magic exists. Little Mister got his act together and had not ONE tantrum the entire day. There were a couple of threats mind you, but they fizzled out almost as soon as they began. Ah me.

caleb parade

There was an actual point during the day that I realised I was just walking around with a big stupid grin on my face. Okay Disneyland. You win. And then, in a final moment of private victory:

finding mary

My own little happily ever after…


Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! July 24, 2009

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ella caleb funnySo the last few days of our road-trip have proven the most – shall we say – flexible of the entire undertaking thus far.

Firstly, we got to Nelson, which was still superbly beautiful, quaint and funky, but our accommodations were not particularly child-friendly, thus after a night in a nice enough but a little too pricey for our liking hotel, we embarked on a new mission: to find a new place to camp out a little way out of town. Not before we’d sussed out the town a little though:

nelson intro

nelson river

After a cruise around the streets, we stumbled across this very Woodford-esque gypsy folk band; they were so seriously awesome and mesmerising, so joyful in spirit and gorgeous in tune that we couldn’t help but sit down for a hot chocolate and a long bask in their awesomeness:



nelson band

 Such a cool and unexpected delight. As was the very lovely campsite we found the next morning about 20k down the road, right on Lake Kootenay. I’ll be the first to admit that setting up camping with kids is extremely labour intensive, but once you’ve got the basics established, it’s pretty stunning just how relaxing it is. Kids LURVE LURVE LURVE the outdoors, y’all.

Canada the final leg 2 012





Canada the final leg 2 046

Only thing not to like? The bugs. Oh my word. This last walk we did on the lake at dusk had me all but completely lose my mind, as Little Miss put it: “a whole swarm was following you!” I couldn’t work it out – given that the kids were dealing with the odd mozzie but that’s it – but then clicked as I had flash-backs to the last time we camped with baby Ella round Tasmania, only to find myself getting stalked by every six legged thing with a stinger and running through teh forest yelling out “I AM NOT A FLOWER!”: insects love the smell of breastmilk.


Anyhoo, this morning the kids awoke pumped about camping but with slightly worse chests (though no temperatures yet, that’s the big thing we’re looking out for, upon which plans will be taking some very drastic turns indeed), we opted for a post-breakfast leisurely drive and where should we end up but on the “world’s longest free ferry ride!” across Kootenay Bay, only to realise that we really had NO idea how long the world’s longest free ferry ride would be and wondered whether we’d accidentally jumped onboard an hours-long saga.

Fortunately not only was that not the case (it was only 20 mins max), but we inadvertently found ourselves in one of the most gorgeous little alcoves (again, hugely reminiscent of Woodford culture) ever. Art stores everywhere, housed in places so cute that words – and I fear, pictures – can’t do them justice.

pottery shop

The kids loved watching the glassblower demo too, with Little Master’s attention on the whole matter completely blowing my mind (no pun intended…well, okay, kinda)


On the way back the rain started. Which we were then told was predicted to escalate into thunderstorms for much of tonight and tomorrow morning – we made an executive decision and made a mad ditch attempt to dismantle our campsite and find a motel somewhere as quickly as possible. In short: despite our best attempts to convince the kids to stay in the van so as to stay dry, everybody got wet. Wet. Wet. Wet. And love was not all around. (PS If you got that reference, good for you. Here, have a lollypop.)

Anyhoo, after debating whether to get a motel nearby or try to seize the opportunity to drive onward towards our future destination, we opted to follow the weather’s lead. By the time we’d set out again the rain had eased up a little – at least enough for us to feel comfortable driving on major one-lane highways as far as we could push it – and thus in doing so we stumbled onto the next delightful surprise en route:


“The Glass Castle”, originally built by a dude as his own abode, who finally caved in once people kept annoying him, stopping by and demanding to know what this place was – he built it out of funeral home embalming bottles (that’s right!) and it is…well, seriously…

tim on stairs

caleb running on bridgeella caleb

tim wall


This roadtrip has felt very much like a poetic end to our time here in Canada, especially in that it’s really allowed Mister Boob and I to re-discover what a fantastic team we make. When I’m falling apart, he comes through for me (and hopefully vice versa!). I can and will write more on this another time, but just want to say right now how I’m fully realising more and more just how much I love this man.

Not least of all because he took this:

cassidy in sunset background


She don’t like, she don’t like, she don’t like…Spokane July 22, 2009

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Just kidding, I hardly even had time to check Spokane out, truth be told, it was just too good a pun to pass up.

Yesterday was by far the longest stretch of drive of the entire trip – we left Seattle around 9.30 and finally reached Spokane around 5.30 – and while it had it’s terrifying moments of tantrums big enough to rival an American buffet (and that’s not even the kids) the bottom lines are that:

1) Washington State is stunningly beautiful and diverse, with amazing forests one minute, lakes the next and rockscapes the minute after that one.

road to spokane

 2) We arrived safely and were very pleasantly surprised by how relaxing camping can be with kidlets. Once you’re set up, that is.

Here’s a gratuitous snap of my boys waking up in the tent this morn, or as I like to call it “Boyz under da hood.”

boys in the tent

We’re also realising quickly how worthwhile it is to do a bit of extra research and hunt down campgrounds/accommodation that is specifically family friendly. For instance, our place last night had a ton of play equipment PLUS a 9pm outdoor cinema where they show a free family movie. Thus, after a dinner of Vegemite sandwiches, bananas and grapes, we descended on a much needed wind-down viewing of Monsters Inc.

watching movies outdoor

Then up and at em in the morning for our next major stretch back to Canada. I learned a very valuable lesson – just as we were leaving, Mister Boob insisted that we stop by a camping store to get a couple of extra supplies – even though I was reluctant to stop our slow-moving morning any longer, I threw caution to the wind (I know, Renegade Am I) and took the kids in for a last stretch of their legs before our huge car jaunt. And boy was I glad I did.

The so-called “Sports Store” that we entered didn’t have a basketball in sight – what it DID have was the mounted carcuss of just about any north American animal you can imagine, guns, ammo, all stuff I shouldn’t be surprised at, but what did shock the living daylights out of me was how much of this hunting paraphernalia was aimed at children. No kidding, from a doll range called “Hunter Dan!” who comes complete “With brand new moose hide camo!” to a series of colouring books called “Coloring for Little Hunters” with pictures of kids shooting elk, to an entire wall of the store devoted to photos of customers’ kids proudly displaying their first kill, I was pretty…erm, culture shocked. Even my little Mister Boob was alarming me with his enthusiasm, quickly grabbing at the kiddy level automatic air rifles and swapping his typical supermarket “Can I have XXXX candy?!” with “Can I get this gun? Please? Please? Please?”


So glad we went. We entered emptyhanded, but returned rich with tent pegs, opened eyes and reams of comedy material. Thanks!

Then the real fun began. Driving, driving, driving…with just enough beautiful views along the way to make it worth the while…

road back to canada

Canadian customs was beyond cruisy – man I love you guys – and we arrived exhausted, hot but relatively happy in Nelson, BC this very eve. A quick check out of our campgrounds made us change plans – not that they were bad per se, but just tiny and without any running room or facilities specifically for kids. Add this to the fact that the kids – all three of em – woke up this morning with little chest rattles, and we decided to splash out for a hotel room tonight, then tomorrow we’ll head out of town about 20k to a very family friendly campground where we’ll pitch our tent for the following two nights of our stint here. Assuming the kids are all up for it, of course. Ah, flexibility – if that’s really what the hokey pokey is all about, then we, my friends, are quickly become yogis.

But sweet, sweet, Nelson. So nice to see you!



First we take Manhattan…erm, I mean Seattle July 19, 2009

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Canada the final leg 2 132

First things first, turns out the Space Needle really ain’t that big y’all. Hehe.

Mister Boob and I were reflecting on our bus ride home today about our first impressions of Seattle – I proffered that it reminded me of my first impressions of Boston. Namely in that I felt that in any other circumstance, I’d be head over heels in love with it. But given the timing of my entry into both cities coincided with just having fallen head over heels for another (New York City predecessing Boston, Vancouver falling before Seattle), the second city just couldn’t quite woo me in the same way – not through any fault of its own, mind you. Simply because I’d already been wooed.

Add to this the fact that at this particular point in the trip – almost two weeks in and with the past one pretty much being highly physical i.e. trekking all over major cities – we are all just so damn tired…and well, I don’t think Seattle’s had a very fair chance to blow our socks off.

Which is a real pity, because by all accounts it was a fabulous day. We headed downtown and then straight onto the monorail over to the very fabulous Seattle Center.

Canada the final leg 2 119

Turned out it was Bite of Seattle, a food festival which saw crowds and crowds (I’m talking CROWDS PEOPLE!) descend upon the square, soaking up as much yummy samples as they could proffer and with rock music – and full arm tattoos – descending upon us from all sides, we felt suitably infused with Seattlian culture in one massive hit.

Canada the final leg 2 146

Little Miss and I shared a strawberry shortcake splurge – and yes, it really was as good as it looks, thanks for asking. We left Mister and Little Master to check out the on-site skateboarding demos and investigate the entertainment arcade, while we (including Littlest) set out to check out the Music Experience Project (did I get that name right?) which included not only a sci fi exhibit featuring the original Death Star model: AAAAGGGGHHH SO COOL! but also an exhibition completely devoted to Jim Henson.

Canada the final leg 2 145

I can’t even really do it justice, but suffice to say it featured a kermit the frog tactile wall, an interactive rockband quaintly called Mud Garden with muppets inspired by Jimi Hendrix and yes, Kurt Cobain, a wall (sadly smaller than this geek would have liked) on The Dark Crystal as well as reams and reams of original scrawlings, ideas and backstories to the man’s creations. So inspiring. And while Little Miss was into it, I just couldn’t quite convey to her just how much all of these displays really meant to me, or rather, to my nostalgia neurons.

Next stop: hooking up with the boys and heading on down to Pike Place, a very famous market on the waterfront. Sauntered round for a bit, aiming to hit the ferries, then realised just how late it was and that we were already pushing our luck with the kids holding their shizz together. Opted instead to look into that tomorrow and stroll home slowly – it was around this time that we stumbled onto an alley that after a hugely long day, made my heart SING!

Canada the final leg 2 202

Canada the final leg 2 205

Canada the final leg 2 212

I turned to Mister Boob and said “NOW I get it.”

Mister: “Get what?”

Me: “Why people love Seattle.”

And what do you know? I’m not saying I fell head over for it, but I do believe my heart just put out it’s sign again:

“Open for Wooing.”

Canada the final leg 2 226


Today: the happiest place on earth! July 18, 2009

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Otherwise known as the US border!

Canada the final leg 2 102

Bye bye for now Canada!

We’d expected the worst but hoped for the best, with the reality falling somewhere in between. The worst being that we indeed had to wait and got pulled over to go inside to do more paperwork, the best being that this US checkpoint was at least designed to try to keep people pleasantly occupied during the wait with some truly lovely gardens where the kids could at least get out of the car, stretch their legs and exorcise/exercise their little inner terrorists before heading in for the official passport stuff.

Canada the final leg 2 106More positives – our customs dude was super nice, we actually ended up getting through it all pretty quickly and without too much attitude from anybody other than the kids, and then the drive down into Seattle was actually rather splendidly beautiful  – not the least reason of which is that I managed to score a super cheap pair of cross-trainers at the suggested outlet mall stop (thanks Mona!) $30 for decent athletic shoes: inconceivable!

So here we are, in our apartment which is beyond fabulous because:

a) my previous local librarian in High River, upon seeing I’d ordered in a book on ‘Seattle with kids’, all but jumped on me with her barcode scanner and screeched at me (in her lovely Canadian way, of course) “I KNOW EXACTLY WHERE YOU NEED TO STAY! THIS PLACE IS AWESOME!” And happily, 5 seconds into our stay, we could see she was not kidding.

b) After cramming our bods into the Vancouver hostel (I haven’t seen the horror film “Hostel” but does it involve small children and bunkbeds? Because I’ve lived it and in a word: terrifying) this place feels about a spacious as the Sahara Desert. But with air-con. Yes I know…awesome.

Chilling out is on the cards tonight, then we’ve got a coupla days to check out the city sights/sites – thanks Kerry for the suggestions, I’m onto it!

Mister Boob and I already feel like we’ve learned SO much on this trip about the ins and outs of family travel, not the least of which is to not feel guilty about doing nothing if and when you need to. Some good time invested in recovering from exhaustion seems to be worth it, even if it goes against any natural desire (talking to myself here) to squeeze the most out of every second of your time in a destination.

Ooh and in a final trivial tid-bit, I’m so stoked to see that they have a hot tub here. That’s totally happening tonight. Yes, yes indeed. I haven’t seen much of you yet Seattle, but I have a feeling we’re gonna be firm friends.


Gutted in Vancouver July 17, 2009

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Little Miss asked me today which city I love more – Vancouver or NYC – and I could not answer. All I know is that – I have to come right out and say it – I’m completely gutted that we didn’t make it to Vancouver sooner. My heavens, what a city.

Canada the final leg 2 091

If Montreal is all about the arts, then Vancouver is all about lifestyle. Everywhere, the healthiest of healthy bodies bike, run and/or rollerblade their way around the place – suffice to say that there are paths everywhere and I do mean everywhere, which are actually LABELLED as to whether they are for pedestrian versus rollerblading versus biking use. But that’s not even why I love it. It’s just so damn gorgeous. It feels safe. And the beaches! Granted, we’ve had beyond gorgeous weather for our entire stay (from what I understand the frequency of rainfall here is the ‘catch’ as such) but even so, it has won me over independently; so much character and charm, such an incredibly rich tapestry of cultures mixed into the one city, so much soul! Agh! I LOVE this place. I don’t want to leave it! Yesterday was the one plan on the itinerary which I felt the most determined to do while here weather depending: bike around the seawall in Stanley Park. We met up with our friends from Canmore, Sabina and her two little ones, and set out to rent bikes only to find that we were heavily advised not to take Littlest Boob in a burley til he’s at least one. So Mister Boob very graciously offered to take Littlest in the backpack on their own inner city adventure, while the rest of us geared up and set off.

Canada the final leg 529

Poor Sabina’s pair, a bit over-tired methinks, were proving a bit tough to take during the ride which she dealt with so gracefully – as I’d only just said to Mister B that morning, I think my new favourite sound is other people’s kids having meltdowns. Comforting, normalizing and with no action required on my part. Perfection. The views were spectacular and it just felt so great to complete it! Sabina and kids had to head off shortly afterward, but we hung around Stanley Park a bit longer, where the kids pounced on the pool and slides, before heading home via the beach.

Canada the final leg 554

It was around this point that Master Boob – in his defence, after a day of otherwise exemplary behaviour – completely cracked it. I have a whole entry, nay a book, that I wish to devote to the subject of ‘tantrums on tour’, so will save it for then. In short, we divided and conquered for dinner again, a common strategy which seems to be working well thus far. I highly recommend it. So there you have it. Then took Little Miss out in the late evening to meet up with Mona, a friend of mine and producer who I met last year at Banff World TV Fest. She took us for a very eye opening – and at the risk of sounding trite, moving – drive through the eastside dodgy part of town, where apparently the police have basically herded all of the marginalized population of Vancouver into about six well defined blocks of the city. So crazy, the transition from poverty to opulence is as dramatic as the change of seasons in this country. I mean, really, you drive through parts you’d be scared to leave your vehicle, then a minute later you’re in a part of town that’s so ritzy you’d happily sunbathe on your car roof and breastfeed. Or something like that. Anyway, we had a great evening reconnecting and then crashed to bed. I’m happy to say that Littlest Boob, while still waking for feeds in the night, seems to be understanding now that the feeds are coming in due course and he no longer needs to cry his head off until he’s got absolute unequivocal proof that this is the case. Very handy development seeing as we’re staying in a hostel with thin walls.

This morning we got out the door relatively early and jumped back on the tour bus and went pretty much around the whole thing, then hopped off for a ferry ride over to the very famous markets at Granville Island.

Canada the final leg 2 015

We bought some tasty morsels for lunch (note to family travelers: we’ve discovered rather quickly that picking up some picnicky goodies at markets or the like is pretty much the most fun – and cost-effective – way to feed a family on the run.)

Canada the final leg 2 033

Then, just as the trip looked likely to be cut short due to overtired everybody (another note to travelling parents: pace yourself. Puh-lease pace yourself. Take it from those of us who don’t. Travel is exhausting. And cranky parents + cranky children = not cranky times two but cranky SQUARED!), out came the street performers and the coffee, with the first distracting the kids – and the latter us – into a much better mood.

Canada the final leg 2 038

Little Miss and Mister set off into the city on a mission to score some random chess games, Master, Littlest and myself conked out in the hostel for what might well set some sort of record for the best mid-afternoon nap ever. Woke up in time for dinner, some knowing smiles from a fellow parent traveler in the hostel kitchen, and then topped up Littlest so that Miss and I could head in to check out the Vancouver Theatresports League early evening show!

Canada the final leg 2 019

It was a fun format, very gag-based improv, but what they do, they do well. Little Miss absolutely loved it – it was pretty clean too, which I thought was awesome.

Canada the final leg 2 062

Then we sauntered home via the beach and enjoyed our last views of stuff like this: Canada the final leg 2 096Now excuse me while I go cry into a barrel of jogger’s sweat.


Some images from the trip thus far…

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In an urgent breaking photographic update, I’ve gotten my hot little hands on a photo-reading USB stick – meaning that I’m editing some of my posts thus far so I can finally include the images that accompany them. Thank goodness, that was getting really scary there for a while. Are you okay?

Here, in the meantime, enjoy a few that don’t really fit anywhere in particular…


Trekking along the beach in Vancouver.sunset

Sunset – this is just a 5 minute walk from our hostel. Awesomeness.


The little dude’s first hike courtesy of Whistler. Ta!


You get the idea.