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The Return to Oz Debrief: in ten bullet points or less August 25, 2009

Filed under: family life — jennywynter @ 3:42 am
  • I simply cannot believe this is winter. 35 degrees yesterday, frolicking through the waves, sweating…now I get why Canadians would often greet me with “Why on earth would you leave Australia?”
  • Have been very pleasantly surprised by how amazingly well the kids have transitioned into new life – they have even in bathed, pj-ed up and in bed before 7.30 each and every night. They even sometimes say “thank you.” Unbelievable.
  • We’re living up the Sunny Coast for the next little while, which, while completely fabulous and gloriously beachy, means that we still haven’t managed to see 90% of the people we know who are all the way down in Brisvegas. Naely because we don’t yet have a car. Feeling very bad about this. Keep telling myself that we’ll get there, we’re here after all. So from here to there is just, you know, not very far.
  • Have been so enjoying seeing those people we have managed to see thus far, including my big bro James who in a wonderfully serendipitous turn of events has himself moved his entire family up here too!
  • Am rethinking my life – a lot – in light of having just entered this whole new chapter of life. There are lots of changes coming, very exciting changes…but in short, I feel like I’ve emerged from our travel experience so much surer of who I am and how I wish to go about living this crazy thing called life. Career. Babies. The World. And more. I’ll write more detailed musings on this at another time, but yes, these things are on my mind.
  • Am taking great pleasure in that the kids (the 2 older ones, obviously) are now at a stage where I can lure them through the bed-time routine painlessly with the magic words “…then we can watch Australian Idol together”. Not only is it the first time in years I’ve watched the thing, but my whole fam is also wildly enthused. Many more thoughts on this to come.
  • Missing Loose Moose.  Big time.
  • Making plans for my fringe festival show – excited.
  • For the first time ever, Hubby and I are completely united in a vision for my career. WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

6 Responses to “The Return to Oz Debrief: in ten bullet points or less”

  1. Donna Jensen Says:

    hey jen! thanks for stopping by my little part of cyber space. i love your blog – would love to see you live one day on stage too – maybe i’ll manage a trip to canada one day… i lived in brizvegas for a while back in the mid 90’s – Indooroopilly! i loved brizzy! what a great town that is. Best of luck with your new life in Canada (you get real maple syrup lucky thing!)
    big cheers! x donna

  2. Donna Jensen Says:

    Hey! now it all makes sense – how i ‘know’ you. talk about 6 degrees of separation. i watched a youtube vid of one of your shows at the powerhouse museum the other day and it had me in stitches – which is the first time i’ve guffawed and belly-chortled in awhile, so thankyou oh-lovely-funny-one:)

    at the moment i’m getting various quotes for a website to get up and running with a gallery and shop – but until that’s all in place, people have been buying my originals through facebook. you can look me up as donna hosking-jensen. i have a folder titled ‘For Sale’ and there’s a couple there – but i have just put three of them in a local art exhibition and so they’re kind of ‘frozen’ ’till i find out if they’re bought or sold. but anyway – for now it’s just a matter of having a look-see there. i know i know – hardly professional – but hey, it works for now!
    i see your brother’s comments on facebook all the time and he cracks me up – so i can only imagine what it’s like when your family all get together – i bet you’d be poppin’ nurofen for cheek pain for sure!
    well this is a bit of a long-un. better go – take care!
    x donna

  3. rn Says:

    You’re standing on Solid Rock.
    Sacred ground

    Living on …

    Borrowed time.

    Welcome back Jen.

  4. rn Says:

    You’re back!

    Living on Solid Rock. Standing on Sacred Ground.

    I know these aren’t the exact words…

    But I’m drunk.


  5. Are you still in Canada?

  6. Sounds like lots of great shifts are happening for you .. what an exciting ime! And WOOHOO alright for the mutual career vision!!!

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