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Disneyland better freakin rock August 9, 2009

Filed under: family life,travel — jennywynter @ 5:23 am

Would somebody out there please remind me why we’re doing this crazy travel with family thing? Because after the umpteenth tantrum tonight thanks to a wacky combo of kids being completely out of routine, us being beyond exhausted and having essentially raised a temporary white flag to trying to enforce any sort of consistency in our lives, given that upheaval in the next week is completely inevitable, and just trying to settle them down in a new venue every few days or so, I think I’m starting to lose it.

If I ever had it.

Tonight we’ve been madly packing, re-packing, culling, cleaning, sorting, all while trying to feed, bathe, brush and get the already over-tired kids to bed on time. Impossible. Plus Littlest has begun to teethe. Yes. Oh yes.

Remind me again?

Okay, procrastinatory blog mission is officially over. Let’s do this thang.

PS The fringe show wrapped up nicely, I’ve had so many nice comments from people, I’ll write more about that soon.


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