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Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! July 24, 2009

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ella caleb funnySo the last few days of our road-trip have proven the most – shall we say – flexible of the entire undertaking thus far.

Firstly, we got to Nelson, which was still superbly beautiful, quaint and funky, but our accommodations were not particularly child-friendly, thus after a night in a nice enough but a little too pricey for our liking hotel, we embarked on a new mission: to find a new place to camp out a little way out of town. Not before we’d sussed out the town a little though:

nelson intro

nelson river

After a cruise around the streets, we stumbled across this very Woodford-esque gypsy folk band; they were so seriously awesome and mesmerising, so joyful in spirit and gorgeous in tune that we couldn’t help but sit down for a hot chocolate and a long bask in their awesomeness:



nelson band

 Such a cool and unexpected delight. As was the very lovely campsite we found the next morning about 20k down the road, right on Lake Kootenay. I’ll be the first to admit that setting up camping with kids is extremely labour intensive, but once you’ve got the basics established, it’s pretty stunning just how relaxing it is. Kids LURVE LURVE LURVE the outdoors, y’all.

Canada the final leg 2 012





Canada the final leg 2 046

Only thing not to like? The bugs. Oh my word. This last walk we did on the lake at dusk had me all but completely lose my mind, as Little Miss put it: “a whole swarm was following you!” I couldn’t work it out – given that the kids were dealing with the odd mozzie but that’s it – but then clicked as I had flash-backs to the last time we camped with baby Ella round Tasmania, only to find myself getting stalked by every six legged thing with a stinger and running through teh forest yelling out “I AM NOT A FLOWER!”: insects love the smell of breastmilk.


Anyhoo, this morning the kids awoke pumped about camping but with slightly worse chests (though no temperatures yet, that’s the big thing we’re looking out for, upon which plans will be taking some very drastic turns indeed), we opted for a post-breakfast leisurely drive and where should we end up but on the “world’s longest free ferry ride!” across Kootenay Bay, only to realise that we really had NO idea how long the world’s longest free ferry ride would be and wondered whether we’d accidentally jumped onboard an hours-long saga.

Fortunately not only was that not the case (it was only 20 mins max), but we inadvertently found ourselves in one of the most gorgeous little alcoves (again, hugely reminiscent of Woodford culture) ever. Art stores everywhere, housed in places so cute that words – and I fear, pictures – can’t do them justice.

pottery shop

The kids loved watching the glassblower demo too, with Little Master’s attention on the whole matter completely blowing my mind (no pun intended…well, okay, kinda)


On the way back the rain started. Which we were then told was predicted to escalate into thunderstorms for much of tonight and tomorrow morning – we made an executive decision and made a mad ditch attempt to dismantle our campsite and find a motel somewhere as quickly as possible. In short: despite our best attempts to convince the kids to stay in the van so as to stay dry, everybody got wet. Wet. Wet. Wet. And love was not all around. (PS If you got that reference, good for you. Here, have a lollypop.)

Anyhoo, after debating whether to get a motel nearby or try to seize the opportunity to drive onward towards our future destination, we opted to follow the weather’s lead. By the time we’d set out again the rain had eased up a little – at least enough for us to feel comfortable driving on major one-lane highways as far as we could push it – and thus in doing so we stumbled onto the next delightful surprise en route:


“The Glass Castle”, originally built by a dude as his own abode, who finally caved in once people kept annoying him, stopping by and demanding to know what this place was – he built it out of funeral home embalming bottles (that’s right!) and it is…well, seriously…

tim on stairs

caleb running on bridgeella caleb

tim wall


This roadtrip has felt very much like a poetic end to our time here in Canada, especially in that it’s really allowed Mister Boob and I to re-discover what a fantastic team we make. When I’m falling apart, he comes through for me (and hopefully vice versa!). I can and will write more on this another time, but just want to say right now how I’m fully realising more and more just how much I love this man.

Not least of all because he took this:

cassidy in sunset background


3 Responses to “Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-changes!”

  1. […] have tips for camping with a 2-month-old, I’d love to hear them! I just read over at Jenny’s that mosquitoes are attracted to breastmilk, which freaked me out more than a little. But […]

  2. rn Says:

    He takes a mean photo…

  3. rn Says:

    Mean in the good sense!

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