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Today: the happiest place on earth! July 18, 2009

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Otherwise known as the US border!

Canada the final leg 2 102

Bye bye for now Canada!

We’d expected the worst but hoped for the best, with the reality falling somewhere in between. The worst being that we indeed had to wait and got pulled over to go inside to do more paperwork, the best being that this US checkpoint was at least designed to try to keep people pleasantly occupied during the wait with some truly lovely gardens where the kids could at least get out of the car, stretch their legs and exorcise/exercise their little inner terrorists before heading in for the official passport stuff.

Canada the final leg 2 106More positives – our customs dude was super nice, we actually ended up getting through it all pretty quickly and without too much attitude from anybody other than the kids, and then the drive down into Seattle was actually rather splendidly beautiful  – not the least reason of which is that I managed to score a super cheap pair of cross-trainers at the suggested outlet mall stop (thanks Mona!) $30 for decent athletic shoes: inconceivable!

So here we are, in our apartment which is beyond fabulous because:

a) my previous local librarian in High River, upon seeing I’d ordered in a book on ‘Seattle with kids’, all but jumped on me with her barcode scanner and screeched at me (in her lovely Canadian way, of course) “I KNOW EXACTLY WHERE YOU NEED TO STAY! THIS PLACE IS AWESOME!” And happily, 5 seconds into our stay, we could see she was not kidding.

b) After cramming our bods into the Vancouver hostel (I haven’t seen the horror film “Hostel” but does it involve small children and bunkbeds? Because I’ve lived it and in a word: terrifying) this place feels about a spacious as the Sahara Desert. But with air-con. Yes I know…awesome.

Chilling out is on the cards tonight, then we’ve got a coupla days to check out the city sights/sites – thanks Kerry for the suggestions, I’m onto it!

Mister Boob and I already feel like we’ve learned SO much on this trip about the ins and outs of family travel, not the least of which is to not feel guilty about doing nothing if and when you need to. Some good time invested in recovering from exhaustion seems to be worth it, even if it goes against any natural desire (talking to myself here) to squeeze the most out of every second of your time in a destination.

Ooh and in a final trivial tid-bit, I’m so stoked to see that they have a hot tub here. That’s totally happening tonight. Yes, yes indeed. I haven’t seen much of you yet Seattle, but I have a feeling we’re gonna be firm friends.


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