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Vancouver, where have you been all my life? July 15, 2009

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We’re here in Vancouver – we stayed an extra night in Whistler due to our original accommodation in Van falling through at the last minute, but it turned out to be just what the doctor ordered. We had an extra day to relax, unwind and arm ourselves up like Rambo (erm…with Bear Spray) to enjoy our first Whistler hike around magical Lost Lake.

kids in lake

We then headed up to the base of Blackcomb Mountain where they’ have a ton of adventure style activities set up for the kids – having not been able to find any price specific info, I was expecting the expense to be at a similar altitude to the mountain and was not disappointed. Thus the kids were rationed out one activity of their choosing: thus we have some immortalised footage of both kiddlywinks bungee trampolining in front of the mountains, or as I like to call it ‘bouncing with Daddy’s pursestrings.’

caydog flying

ella flying

The next morning we hightailed it down to Vancouver – being inspired to actually spell out to Mister Boob how important it was to me that we actually get away on time, as opposed to our usual routine of:

Me: “I really want to get this show on the road.”

Him: “Sure, I’ll just have a quick shower.”

Meanwhile, I pack stuff up, simmer away on a mild heat while Mister frolicks in bubble land ‘boop boop e dooping’ it, check him out:

So you can see why it was a wonderfully welcome surprise to wake up to him already way ahead of me, packing up the van and coffee on the table to boot. A great precedent for a mostly awesome day. After a slightly tumultous drive – namely thanks to two passengers who are both unbelievably gifted in their ability to turn anything and I mean ANYTHING into an argument (including gems like “She said my shirt’s blue but it’s not, it’s DARK blue!”) we settled into our hostel and then quickly opted for a divide and conquer strategy yet again.

Mister Boob took Little Miss on a walking exploration of the city sights, while Master Boob, Littlest Boob and myself met up with our friends who were also in town and their two littlest, to venture out together!

on the bus

We checked out the amazing plethora of places to eat and shop in our local haunt for the next few days (the West End, adorned with any number of eateries you can imagine, rainbow flags and the odd fetish shop – gorgeously situated only a few blocks’ walk from the beaches, which feel so extra divine given it’s been so long since we glimpsed the ocean!) then bought tix on a sightseeing bus tour, after an initial head-to-head with a bus driver whose logic cell seemed to have been deactivated, blatantly trying to rip us off yet professing to ‘cutting you a break here’. Uh: no. We sorted it out eventually, but the time lost in stuffing around left us stranded on the other side of town. All of which is pretty useless info only that the end result is that Master and myself (with littlest in the sling) walked well over 10k yesterday. Not a problem, but if I’d known this beforehand I think I would have a) worn the proper baby backpack and b) worn my walking shoes. As opposed to the scrawny bits of leather I occasionally tie onto my wayward feet.


Canada the final leg 439

Anyway, after completely falling in love with the city itself – how many amazing little pockets can you really fit into the one city, really? Really? – we felt better after finally settling on the beautiful beachfront for fish and chips for dinner and stayed there til the sun went down.

boys on the beach

And this morning, arose to a most delightful – and extremely busy – hostel breakfast, stunned by both the bagel assortment and the fact I can still walk.

Seriously, I am so blown away by Vancouver thus far and as I had my expectations pretty damn high, this really is saying something. It’s like everything I love about Melbourne – but warmer and with more beaches. Oh my goodness, I can so imagine living here it’s terrifying. I feel like I’m about to leave the country in a few weeks yet have just met the love of my life. Agh, Vancouver. Can we at least be facebook friends?

Today: biking!

Tomorrow: hospital! (Kidding: I hope)


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