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Whistler! July 13, 2009

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We’re here!

Canada the final leg 308

FINALLY! After a planning mishap that saw us add an extra 3 hours to our travel time today (AGH), we arrived at our incredible abode – we’d originally booked a small 1 bed apartment but due to scheduling conflicts they upgraded us to a 4-bedroom condo and after the crazy trip to get here, thank heavens for that. A-mazing. We are spoiled indeed. Photos coming soon, I promise! Just as soon as I find a way to get this lack of camera cable issue sorted. Update: sorted! And hot dang if I ain’t gonna milk it now.

Canada the final leg 209

Yesterday was our last day in Kelowna and was basically us demonstrating that when travelling with kids, flexibility is the buzz word to end all buzz words. We threw our plans in the bin in favour of a ‘divide and conquer’ strategy, after realising that the kids – several days into our trip and experiencing significant cabin fever – were at risk of killing each other. Mister Boob took Master Boob on a little father son date, Little Miss, Littlest Boob and myself descended upon the hotel pool area for the afternoon, where she could swim out the angst while Littlest napped in my arms and I dreamed of Tahitian shores.

Oh and in there we squeezed the farmers markets and quite possibly the most delightful picnic lunch I’ve ever had. I’m talking organic feta, fresh baguettes, donuts, white cake and cherries, cherries, cherries! Just awesome. Sickening. But awesome.

Canada the final leg 179

So yesterday was us doing what we had to do to survive. Which ultimately paid off massive dividends today during our marathon drive, when the kids not only endured the crazy trip extension but behaved their butts off. I’m serious: it was like they were sedated, only not. Note to self: can cherries sedate? Must look into this. Potential goldmine.

Then we arrived, all barely holding it together by that point and were greeted by the sweet, sweet sight of our amazing condo. Oh boy. We knew we’d been upgraded, but by the time we were still hours away from Whistler, both Tim and I were eyeing each other with the ‘you know, we don’t HAVE to go up there, we could just find someplace to camp around here’ kinda looks. But we persisted and one glance at our abode all but melted all the yukkiness away. Ah. Again, photos coming soon!

We even splashed out on a nanny for the evening and had a few short, but divine hours strolling the streets of Whistler by ourselves. So fun. We frolicked. We flounced. We eyed off touristy merchandise like kids clothing saying “I love ewe” and oh how we laughed!


Whaddya know? Life really can be a musical.


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