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Inspiring trip Coast to Coast July 13, 2009

Filed under: travel — jennywynter @ 4:14 pm

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that yesterday during one of our rest stops, Master Boob started chatting to this guy – he’s doing a cycling tour across Canada (no mean feat considering it takes over a week just to DRIVE across this amazingly sprawling country) – in  memory of a friend who died earlier this year.


He mentioned to Tim that his ride that day had been mostly uphill and he was feeling a little discouraged – it was only after we left him and proceeded to drive down the incline up which he’d just come that we realised just how understated that was. Seriously, it was a good half an hour of massive descent – we felt exhausted just driving down it and thinking about anybody actually riding up that thing. And astounded by his humility at the whole thing: I know if I even rode, I don’t know, say 50 metres up a hill like that, I can guarantee you that my screams of disbelief and glory would be echoing through all of the Rockies and then some.

Anyway, check out his site, consider a great cause and take a look at his ‘About Me’ pagewhich is full of incredible photos from his adventures. Very, very inspiring!


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