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On the road entry #1 (the one where I set up how cool this is) July 9, 2009

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We’re officially on da road! WOOHOO! With the move and all, packing up to move countries (again), it’s felt like a pretty darn long lead up, but now we’re here everybody is actually getting along so sickeningly well I’m wondering what’s wrong with us.

Canada the final leg 092

Ah. We set off yesterday just after lunch, wisely allowing way more time than we thought necessary to get out of the house. How long, you might wonder, does it take a family of 2 adults, 2 kids and a 4 month old baby to pack up a car and actually hit the road? AHA! I can answer that! Around six to seven hours. AHA! Ninjas!

Once we were on the road, it was sweet. Well, aside from the: a) rain and b) delightful assortment of construction work and c) one car and trailer in a ditch that stretched the planned 4 hour drive into a 6 hour one. With a Maccas break in there for good measure (hey, not my ideal, in fact I HATE how we usually end up gravitating to the big M, it’s just that especially with inclement weather they’re so damn child friendly/seductive (yep, I know it’s a ploy and it WORKS DAMMIT!). Anyhoo, we finally pulled in at our very, very lovely little campground – we’d booked a teepee to stay in for the night and were all pumped about it; upon checking in however, Tim was told that “uh…there may be an issue with the teepee. If it’s leaking, just come see us and we’ll upgrade ya to a cabin!’ To cut a long story short, we checked. It leaked. We upgraded.

Canada the final leg 103


The evening was spent playing in the playground, swimming (the kids, not us), trying out baby Boob’s awesome new baby carrier – I am seriously in love with that thing – taking photos, videoing bits and pieces, being very silly, eating cold baked beans and actually loving it, followed by a very un-committed campfire which lasted just long enough for us to toast our marshmallows and feel like we’d at least sampled the Canadian outdoors.

Canada the final leg 128

Then crashed, awoke to a morning of only minor tantrums (this is actually a victory given the past few weeks). Then an all you can eat pancake breakfast, more swimming, packing up and wifiing and shortly we’re off for the next leg – 3 nights of gigs in Kelowna. Last time we were here we ended up kinda befriending these super hot girls in the hotel pool, them taking our kids under their wings only for us to later realise they were escorts.

I wonder what delights await us this time?!

PHOTOS COMING SOON! (I forgot to pack the cable. Doh.)


7 Responses to “On the road entry #1 (the one where I set up how cool this is)”

  1. Leon Says:

    What’s an escort, Mrs Boob?

  2. jennywynter Says:

    Oh Leonski, remind me to lend you my copy of Pretty Woman.

  3. t3mporal3lbow Says:

    Hey, amenable is part of the job description, right? Also, as A said: “Well, they generally have experience with kids.”

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