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A pseudo Time Lord of sorts June 12, 2009

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Travel pushes my boundaries…the own-little-self is unlocked from the present and released to move through layers of time. It is not 2006 all over the world. So who are you in a place where 1950 or 1920 is about to arrive? – Frances Mayer in A Year in the World

Steph in Canada take 2 310Hmmmm, this makes me want to travel to Europe, where that time travel thing would obviously be a whole lot more tangible than our experiences thus far in Canada. Still, the town we’re living in right now has its own quaint historical charm – there’s several authentically 50’s themed diners within a 20k radius (well, as authentic as I can tell given I was neither there nor do I have a Delorian at my disposal to qualify judgement) and many of the buildings have been preserved and/or restored to their original state.

I really need to start photographing more. I guess it’s symptomatic of LIVING in a place, as opposed to just passing through, that you seem to take less pictures. But our time here is now a-ticking and I gotta get me a-cracking.


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