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Just breathe May 20, 2009

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What a mixed week. Every time I speak to people back home in Oz (or more specifically, to my sister), I get completely excited about life back there. We’ve managed to score ourselves a pad through a very serendipitous turn of events, which I’m so relieved about – purely to have that part of the horror of moving sorted is a huge weight off my shoulders. And it meansĀ for the next little while we’ll be livingĀ at the beach no less, very cool, especially given that this is one of the very few items that both Mister Boob and I share on our bucket lists.


But yes, while I am excited about what’s ahead, I’m also feeling quite overwhelmed at the moment with all that needs to be done to get us back there. Agh. The memory of the efforts involved in getting us here in the first place is still so fresh that I’m tired just thinking about it. Plus I’m no longer really making the effort to connect with new people in this town, in fact I’ve been pretty much a hermit for the past week or so – it just seems kinda pointless fostering those friendships which I’m going to be separating myself from anyway shortly.

On the bright side, I’ve already started applying for festivals back in Oz (part of the new career plan – one which attempts to nurture both my creative and family life, we’ll see!) and am also planning some awesome stuff for July. And I’ll be doing my solo show at the Calgary Fringe just before we come back – Dennis Cahill (Artistic Director of Loose Moose) is helping me out in the director’s chair, about which I am completely stoked and grateful!

So yes, life is good – but I just need to breathe and realise that for all the work required in these next few weeks (i.e. packing up our entire life here and selling it off in the yard sale to end all yard sales), there’s a pretty sweet three-tiered reward at the end.

1) A good month and a bit of nomadic travels in Canada;

2) A brief but determinedly fabulous jaunt in LA en route back home;

3) The awesomeness that is seeing everybody we love back in Oz again.



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