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Tim Minchin doco: WOOHOO! May 14, 2009

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Every now and then my seemingly senseless stumblings on youtube bring me something truly cool, something that even convinces me for a moment that my efforts in cyberspace are something more than wasteful procrastination. Today was one such moment, whereupon I came across the very exciting news of a Tim Minchin film, which documents his rise from obscurity to international comedic awesomeness.

I just love Tim Minchin. As a comedian and as a person. I met him a couple of years ago when we set up an interview on the Frog and Peach at 4ZZZ – and he just came across as so down to earth, humble and genuinely lovely. Which to me, in the midst of all of his ever-rising success, seems to be the greatest achievement of all. Climbing the ranks but staying nice.

Unfortunately there’s only a couple of clips online and while you can order the DVD online, sadly for me I’m going to have to get it sent to the in-laws ready and waiting for me once I get back to Oz in mid August. At least I’ll have something inspiring, entertaining and wickedly motivating to see me through the jetlag. I cannot WAIT!


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