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The Return to Oz (no, not the movie) May 13, 2009

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So in our biggest news for a little while…we’re coming home.

Big big decision with very mixed feelings, mostly swayed in a particular direction by whoever I happen to be talking to at the time. i.e. when I’m chatting to my elated family back home, I get all excited  and know for sure we’re doing the right thing, when I’m chatting to friends here (especially Moosers) then I get all misty-eyed and liable to start belting out epic tragi-showtunes.

But yes – since we’ve made the decision (very, VERY recently), I have to say that I’ve been reflecting a great deal on all that I’ve learned during this amazing Canadian adventure. Not that it’s over quite yet – the postnatal woman has yet to sing – but you know, coming overseas has been such a massive deal to me, given that there was a time when I thought it would NEVER happen. I guess just getting up the duff at such a relatively young age (at least by today’s standards and certainly by my own reckoning!) one of my greatest laments for years was that I hadn’t gotten my butt into gear to go travelling when I’d had the child-free chance.

But then, sure enough, we did it – it certainly took an awful lot of work and effort to get here and sure enough, in the grand tradition of adventures, it has turned out very differently than I had envisaged. But…I would honestly not change a thing about it. Well, okay, a big part of me wishes that we had at least gotten to spend some major time in either Vancouver or Toronto before heading back, but aside from that, it’s all really good. I’m sure I’ll wax lyrical about my findings for the next couple of months before we head back (we have decided to plan the most awesome summer ever to go out with a bang) but for now in brief:

– professionally, my time here has been  incredibly affirming yet also very humbling, the funny thing being that the ‘humbling’ part in particular was what I needed. I think for a while there back in Oz I was in serious danger of becoming a bit of a conceited twat.

– I’ve finally realised that balance doesn’t have to be achieved every single day of your life, but that it can be something you strive for over a longer period of time. Canada, you’ve helped me embrace the seasons!

– I’ve also chilled the heck out with the career stuff – it’s still incredibly important to me, but seriously not the be all and end all. I think I’m just realising that I can slow down, enjoy the journey and just enjoy my kids while they’re kids (which after all, is not for long).

– And I’ve learned that the world really is my playground.

– And that Nancy Grace – with all her hard-hitting nuttiness – is really just comic relief.


4 Responses to “The Return to Oz (no, not the movie)”

  1. michellefrommadison Says:

    Nancy Grace, hard-hitting? The only thing Nancy is hard about is her drinking and her daily drug useage.

    • jennywynter Says:

      Haha, I have to agree. Hers was the first specimen of television I ever saw upon setting foot in the USA – I was equally amused and horrified. In other words, it kinda set the tone for the whole trip.

  2. mona Says:

    Hey Jenny,

    Sorry to hear you are leaving Canada, but it’s good you will get to spend more time with family and Oz friends! I am going to Banff in early June, will I see you there?


    • jennywynter Says:

      Thanks Mona – I’d love to catch up with you before we head off! Not going to the festival itself, but we could possibly organise a jaunt up Banff way and I could meet up with you. Or the other alternative is we’re coming to Vancouver in the summer for a week or so, maybe we could hook up there? I’ll email you!

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