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Chess and comedy: who knew? May 25, 2009

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So I was talking comedy to Mister Boob today, or more specifically, talking about the bad blood that can arise between comics upon watching somebody else climb the ranks a little faster than they believe said comic deserves.

“Hmm,” mused Mister Boob. “Well, you know, it’s like my chess game I’ve got going right now. Early on in the game the other guy made a stupid mistake and left a piece unguarded, so I took it. And for a little while there it looked like I was dominating. But now it looks like that piece getting taken has actually worked out to his advantage, even though he never meant for that to happen.”

Did I mention my hubby’s a complete and utter chess geek? And that he is prone to wander for hours on philosophical tangents that leave my mind either reeling or escaping to random daydreams involving popular culture and whipped cream?

Well, he is. And he is. Evidently.

“Anyway,” he said, speeding up towards his conclusion so as to stop me from escaping to a happy place, “my point is that a small twist of luck went his way, which makes it really tempting to feel bitter and just blame everything on his good luck, but what you’ve gotta remember is that he could only capitalise on his luck because of the good things he’d done earlier.”

“In other words, he must have something going for him to have gotten this far!”

And there you have it.



Why I Homeschool May 23, 2009

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So we’re almost done school for the year – our very first full year of homeschooling. I had the official last interview with my/Little Miss’ supervisor yesterday in preparation for the final report card and it was so uplifting, affirming and all other things gushy that I’ve gotta tell you…I really needed to feel!

I haven’t written publicly at all about homeschooling up til now, other than the very odd mention and then it’s just been more of the ‘oh and by the way, we homeschool’ variety. I guess part of the reason for that was firstly, not really wanting to talk too much about it until I’d wrapped my own head around whether we could actually make it work for us or not and essentially, not wanting to incite any haters to riot. Because it is a controversial kinda area, as I’ve discovered. I’m so curious what it’s going to be like upon our return to Australia, as here in Canada homeschooling is – while certainly not mainstream as such – FAR more common and has a great deal of support and infrastructure in place to make it a relatively smooth process.

Anyway, my point is (if you can get yourself past the whole “YOU are teaching somebody how to write? You the rambling woman herself?”) that now, with a successful year almost behind us, I finally feel at least partly qualified and affirmed in my own self to actually clarify why we as a family have chosen to do things this way.

1) I’ve always wanted to homeschool, before I even knew what homeschooling was. I just knew that I had visions of growing up and educating my own kids. Then again, in those visions there were ten of the little buggers. And I sure know that THAT ain’t happening. So yeah, not exactly a good reason to take it on as such, but it does give the decision some sort of context at least.

2) With the way we’ve chosen to live our family life – i.e. being able to take advantage of opportunities to tour and travel together as a family – homeschooling just means that at least the educational element of our kids’ lives (along with their family unit, of course) remains constant. Plus the world is their oyster and I genuinely believe that travelling to new places is an amazing education in itself.

3) I also just genuinely love teaching. Sure, there are days when it’s like pulling teeth – heck, I even wish for nitrous oxide on tap on occasion – but mostly I love being so involved in their education. I’ll admit that there’s times (a lot, actually!) when I’m all kiddied out and wish I could just ship them off somewhere else for a bit so I could have that thing, uh, what’s it called again? Oh yeah, personal space. And that other thing. Oh yeah. A life. But on the other hand the fact that we have so much time together is something I love and treasure – especially given that in periods of insanity where my career is concerned, my attention is focused elsewhere. Having so much time together day-to-day balances out those crazy career periods.

And finally, and possibly most importantly, homeschooling just really works for us. At least thus far. I don’t think it’s for everybody, actually I KNOW it’s not for everybody, but for the moment, it’s really proving to be a fantastic thing for our family.

And that to me, is the bottom line.


This year’s b’day cake May 20, 2009

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May 09 045


Just breathe

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What a mixed week. Every time I speak to people back home in Oz (or more specifically, to my sister), I get completely excited about life back there. We’ve managed to score ourselves a pad through a very serendipitous turn of events, which I’m so relieved about – purely to have that part of the horror of moving sorted is a huge weight off my shoulders. And it means for the next little while we’ll be living at the beach no less, very cool, especially given that this is one of the very few items that both Mister Boob and I share on our bucket lists.


But yes, while I am excited about what’s ahead, I’m also feeling quite overwhelmed at the moment with all that needs to be done to get us back there. Agh. The memory of the efforts involved in getting us here in the first place is still so fresh that I’m tired just thinking about it. Plus I’m no longer really making the effort to connect with new people in this town, in fact I’ve been pretty much a hermit for the past week or so – it just seems kinda pointless fostering those friendships which I’m going to be separating myself from anyway shortly.

On the bright side, I’ve already started applying for festivals back in Oz (part of the new career plan – one which attempts to nurture both my creative and family life, we’ll see!) and am also planning some awesome stuff for July. And I’ll be doing my solo show at the Calgary Fringe just before we come back – Dennis Cahill (Artistic Director of Loose Moose) is helping me out in the director’s chair, about which I am completely stoked and grateful!

So yes, life is good – but I just need to breathe and realise that for all the work required in these next few weeks (i.e. packing up our entire life here and selling it off in the yard sale to end all yard sales), there’s a pretty sweet three-tiered reward at the end.

1) A good month and a bit of nomadic travels in Canada;

2) A brief but determinedly fabulous jaunt in LA en route back home;

3) The awesomeness that is seeing everybody we love back in Oz again.



This time a half decade ago… May 15, 2009

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2 days old

2 days old

…my darling little ball of wacky loveliness and hilarity, Little Master Boob, made his extremely chilled out entrance into the world. It was probably the last time I saw him calm.

It’s almost hard to believe he’s the same person, looking back at his bubba photos. Or rather, it’s hard to believe that there was a time when I didn’t really know him all that well. Fast forward five years and I’ve come to know, love (and yes, be driven crazy by) his quirky personality, his zest for life and his unabashed passion for making people laugh. Honestly, there are very few people who can crack me up the way my little man does. From his complete inability to speak a sentence without punctuating every syllable with a superhero move, to his incredible confidence in crowds – at our very first soccer team meeting, he stood up in front of everybody to introduce himself and uttered loudly: “My name is Caleb and I’m four and I love tennis and I love soccer. And this is my little brother and his favourite game is sleeping!”April 2009 256

Man I love this kid.

Happy birthday Mister Moops!Callaway park 072

Canada ella star of the week 003


Tim Minchin doco: WOOHOO! May 14, 2009

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Every now and then my seemingly senseless stumblings on youtube bring me something truly cool, something that even convinces me for a moment that my efforts in cyberspace are something more than wasteful procrastination. Today was one such moment, whereupon I came across the very exciting news of a Tim Minchin film, which documents his rise from obscurity to international comedic awesomeness.

I just love Tim Minchin. As a comedian and as a person. I met him a couple of years ago when we set up an interview on the Frog and Peach at 4ZZZ – and he just came across as so down to earth, humble and genuinely lovely. Which to me, in the midst of all of his ever-rising success, seems to be the greatest achievement of all. Climbing the ranks but staying nice.

Unfortunately there’s only a couple of clips online and while you can order the DVD online, sadly for me I’m going to have to get it sent to the in-laws ready and waiting for me once I get back to Oz in mid August. At least I’ll have something inspiring, entertaining and wickedly motivating to see me through the jetlag. I cannot WAIT!


The Return to Oz (no, not the movie) May 13, 2009

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So in our biggest news for a little while…we’re coming home.

Big big decision with very mixed feelings, mostly swayed in a particular direction by whoever I happen to be talking to at the time. i.e. when I’m chatting to my elated family back home, I get all excited  and know for sure we’re doing the right thing, when I’m chatting to friends here (especially Moosers) then I get all misty-eyed and liable to start belting out epic tragi-showtunes.

But yes – since we’ve made the decision (very, VERY recently), I have to say that I’ve been reflecting a great deal on all that I’ve learned during this amazing Canadian adventure. Not that it’s over quite yet – the postnatal woman has yet to sing – but you know, coming overseas has been such a massive deal to me, given that there was a time when I thought it would NEVER happen. I guess just getting up the duff at such a relatively young age (at least by today’s standards and certainly by my own reckoning!) one of my greatest laments for years was that I hadn’t gotten my butt into gear to go travelling when I’d had the child-free chance.

But then, sure enough, we did it – it certainly took an awful lot of work and effort to get here and sure enough, in the grand tradition of adventures, it has turned out very differently than I had envisaged. But…I would honestly not change a thing about it. Well, okay, a big part of me wishes that we had at least gotten to spend some major time in either Vancouver or Toronto before heading back, but aside from that, it’s all really good. I’m sure I’ll wax lyrical about my findings for the next couple of months before we head back (we have decided to plan the most awesome summer ever to go out with a bang) but for now in brief:

– professionally, my time here has been  incredibly affirming yet also very humbling, the funny thing being that the ‘humbling’ part in particular was what I needed. I think for a while there back in Oz I was in serious danger of becoming a bit of a conceited twat.

– I’ve finally realised that balance doesn’t have to be achieved every single day of your life, but that it can be something you strive for over a longer period of time. Canada, you’ve helped me embrace the seasons!

– I’ve also chilled the heck out with the career stuff – it’s still incredibly important to me, but seriously not the be all and end all. I think I’m just realising that I can slow down, enjoy the journey and just enjoy my kids while they’re kids (which after all, is not for long).

– And I’ve learned that the world really is my playground.

– And that Nancy Grace – with all her hard-hitting nuttiness – is really just comic relief.