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Triathlon training update: just when you thought I’d whimped out… April 24, 2009

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So my lack of posts lately is not an indication that I’ve flaked out on my training regime, quite the opposite, I’m happy to say!

I’ve actually passed a pretty significant milestone this week, in that I’ve gotten to the point where I actually crave exercise. No kidding. CRAVE it. I’m not at a place where it’s replaced my chocolate cravings, but I sure am eating a lot healthier overall. I’d like to think that the fact I’m still allowing myself the odd sugary indulgence is just proof that I’m into this lifestyle change for the long haul and thus am investing in my ability to sustain it without having to resort to massive falling-off-the-wagon binge sessions.


I really think a massive part of me actually keeping this things up is twofold:

1) Having a goal to work towards. Just ‘getting fit’, ‘getting into shape’ or ‘losing the baby weight’ just doesn’t do it for me. Maybe in the short term, but none of these are sufficient motivation to really get my act together in any sustainable way. But a triathlon, a challenge that I’m not even sure I can do? Let’s just say I’m realising more and more just how short-term goal oriented I am. As a friend and fitness fanatic said to me: “This is just the beginning. You’ll do this one triathlon, sure, but then you’ll be looking for the next race and the next and the next.” Here’s hoping!

2) The variety involved. Cross-training is the bomb. In fact, it’s the bomb of the ‘where have you been all my life?’ kind. The fact that you HAVE to alternate your exercise program every session, so as to prepare your different muscle groups for the task ahead is right up my alley. I get bored too easily, so having something different very single day to look forward to is awesomeness incarnate.

I can now comfortably swim the 500m in just over ten minutes – I have no idea whether this is even remotely impressive to anybody else but it is to me, having only recently been unable to even conceive of whether I’d be able to swim that distance in the triathlon at all. Now it’s the part of the race I’m at least confident in knowing I’ll complete without collapsing! I’ve also started trying to walk more with the kids to places – the other day Master Boob took the car to work so I piled Littlest into the pram, Little Mister onto his bicycle and Little Miss onto her scooter and we all headed into town and back, a 4.5 kilometre trek all up. As if that’s not miracle enough, we made it without any tantrums. Miracles happen, people.

And…I joined the local gym. Only for a month – and only because they were holding a promotion that really was too good to resist. Otherwise I wouldn’t do it – I hate the gym with a capital ATE. But knowing it’s just for the short-term, I’m actually quite enjoying the variety it brings to my week. And you know, that work out music. There’s nothing quite like hearing “I drove all night” with a nightclub-on-steroids type beat.

So yeah, we’re about nine weeks out now from D-Day. Aside from an anxiety dream I had the other night where it was race day and I’d forgotten my wet-suit, my bike and my running shoes, it’s all looking rather sunny from this end!


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