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Rocking out in the Rockies April 13, 2009

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Ah, Bow Valley. I have missed you to be sure. When we left here you see, it was at unbelievably short notice, with Master Boob having scored a teaching job just south of Calgary and due to start in a few days, we literally got the phone call in late August and started packing up the house a couple of hours later. As we digested the sudden end to this chapter of life, we took the kids to the soccer field and kicked a ball around – I stared up at the amazing mountains which had been our backdrop now for a year (as it turns out, to the DAY that we moved south) I felt a real pang of sadness and even anxiety as to whether we were doing the right thing.

Fast forward seven months or so and it turns out that we most certainly did. The construction industry here, which when we arrived was booming so strongly that Master Boob was able to pick up rather well-paid work in which they even trained him on the job, has since collapsed. Companies have declared bankruptcy, 800+ jobs (or so I’ve been told) in the industry have disappeared and shock…horror…tradespeople are actually advertising for work. In short, if we had stayed here, we would have been completely financially screwed.

But we now are in the very privileged position of being able to return here as our home away from home. Catching up with beautiful sights and beautiful people. Thus our Easter break has pretty much comprised visiting friends, sharing lunches, brunches and everything in between, not one, not two, but FOUR separate easter egg hunts, an Easter kids’ party in Banff, playing Texas Hold Em at nights with the odd breastfeed thrown in for good measure.

I am so utterly delighted at how cruisy Littlest Boob is, such that we can embark on holidays, travel trips and the like with him perfectly content to adapt to wherever we happen to be. Rock. One of the things I love most about the newborn phase. Ooh, I’m savouring it this time around, that’s for sure: I ain’t wishing away nothin!

Tomorrow Little Mister Boob is going to his preschool buddy’s house for an eagerly anticipated all-day playdate, while Master Boob, Little Miss, Littlest and I will be heading up the mountain for what will in all likelihood be our one and only snowboarding session of the season. Master and I shall take turns manning Littlest B in the lodge, while Little Miss will be skiing with us all day I suspect. We woke up this morning to the fastest falling snow we’ve ever seen in our whole time in Canada – the timing could not be better!

Hopefully the only shrieks echoing down the canyon tomorrow day-time will be accompanied by limbs flailing with elation, not pain.


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