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Bliss to be remembered April 8, 2009

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I remember years ago, being at my friend Carina’s house, where we were hanging out with our respective kidlets, she having just popped out number three. “Ah,” she said (or perhaps not, but I love recalling conversations full of emotional noise.) “I feel like this is the most blissful I’ve felt, like THIS is the way I idealised being a mother to be before I had children.”

And now, with my third one now seven weeks and one day old – oh how it flies – I have to say I completely agree. Weirdly enough, given that we have NO family here in Canada and not a whole lot of on-the-ground support, it speaks volumes to note that this is by far the easiest time I’ve had of parenthood thus far. Not the least reason of which, is because of my amazing daughter, or as I like to call her “Mini Poppins.”


Her age, combined with her genuine love of all things bubbafied, have made my life an absolute dream these past few weeks. I can actually shower, cook, clean, dress, even occasionally brush my teeth – thanks to this muppet who not only is happy to take Littlest Boob in arm at any given opportunity, but ACTIVELY SEEKS SUCH OPPORTUNITIES OUT. In fact, one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced in this whole adjustment thing has been the constant battle of explaining to Little Miss B why she can’t hold him every second of the day and why her mammary glands are just not gonna cut it.

But what a great problem to have.

Little Master Boob is equally enamored with Littlest, but seems a lot happier to give him personal space, which is fortunate really, as it’s one less thing for him to compete over with big sis. And besides which, he fuels almost all of his affection these days into the dog, who he completely adores (which is lucky, because poor puppy’s been a bit neglected since bubba’s arrival – don’t get me wrong, I’m awesome at the feeding/watering/walking combo, just my affection-metre is kinda maxed out by the end of the day).

It’s so nice to be able to write about how much my kids rock. Because in the midst of the daily grind, it is all too easy for me to forget that and simply focus on all the negatives about them. But here, in the blissful peace and quiet of late evening and its sleeping bodies, it’s so refreshing to relive the day through a calm, happy lens and realise all the goodness they bring.

Hopefully I can read over this in future when I’m having a mummy moment of the yucky kind.

Quote of the day:

Little Miss: “I don’t like this lunch, Mummy!”

Me: “Why not?”

Little Miss: “Because it tastes like the stove!”


One Response to “Bliss to be remembered”

  1. Jody Says:

    So nice to read this. I am having such a hard time morning sickness wise wondering if it’s all worth it or whether I should just have put diapers on my dogs! So I’m hopping for a few moments of bliss somewhere, sometime. And I do hope all those hormone thingys kick in and make me all gooey over the baby despite the stupid pregnancy bit!

    ps..I started a mummy blog too LOL.

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