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Burning: Throats and Out April 5, 2009

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We’ve all gotten the bug this week, including my dear Littlest Boob. Bah. Anyhoo, a trip to emergency and a few days of pretty much an all-you-can-eat-boob-buffet later, he seems much improved. As do I, except for this killer sore throat that just refuses to leave like a drunken relative at a wedding. Bring in the bouncers, damnit.

I’ve been determined to try to do at least SOME exercise every day regardless, even though I have – as a result of this sickness – toned it down quite a bit from the original plan. Namely because I read somewhere in this book “Triathloning for Mere Mortals” that if you’re going to err on a side of effort, err on the side of “less”. i.e. don’t overdue it, push yourself too hard, or try to do too much too fast, or you’ll either burn out or injure yourself. Perhaps even both. Better to do a tiny bit each day and sustain it than do tons and then give it up.

Unfortunately the lazy side of my persona just loves that rationale so much that I fear I’m in danger of the “hey, this isn’t just me relaxing, eating popcorn and drinking a slushie…this is me NOT BURNING OUT.” Ooh boy, please, any words of butt-kicking, encouragement and combinations thereof will be hugely, hugely welcome.

So today I went for my longest (and fastest) bike ride yet – it’s such a gorgeous day I just couldn’t resist. That’s the thing here in Canada; you just don’t know whether the days that follow might fall back to beyond freezing, so when the weather is beautiful, you actually appreciate it. Inconceivable.

Alright. Off now to gargle some lemon drink. It was gonna be lemon and honey, but I still need to do groceries. Aye aye aye!!!


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