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New York, New York???????? March 18, 2009

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I’m so excited, yet not wanting to be TOO excited, lest this should not all come off the way I want it to. But…the bottom line is I just can’t help but BE excited, cos you know, it’s exciting. See what this news is doing to me? It’s severely impeding my vocabulary. Joy.

What is this news, exactly? Well, as of tonight, I got word that I’ve been accepted into a Master Improv Retreat in upstate New York (I’m assuming it’s upstate,  mind, geography not being one of my strengths in this life) in the summer. This is extremely cool for several reasons:

1) The program looks AWESOME. I mean, just check out the people teaching the damn thing!

2) I have been DYING to get my butt back to New York since I first laid adoring eyes on it back in 2006. Even though this would not be NYC itself, it would be close. Geographically and metaphorically.

3) It’s scheduled in the summer time, which is Tim’s holiday break, meaning we could actually do this as a family and enjoy it. Cos the place they’re holding the retreat is actually – shock, horror – family friendly!

Now there’s just the issue of $$$. Ah yes, $$$. Perhaps a diet of baked beans for April. We might stink, but damn it, we’d be stinking in New York. With some of the best improv/comedy folk around.

Sure brings new meaning to ‘gas money’.


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