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I’m still Jenny from the blog March 15, 2009

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My little dudeSo it’s been a while. After several years of at-times-overly-obsessive blogging here and then here, I opted to take a much needed sabbatical from blogland. I’d like to think it’s done me good.

In that time I’ve done plenty, not the least of which is popping out the third installment in my child-bearing trilogy. Whether we’ll continue the franchise remains to be seen. I mean, just look at movies. I’m stoked the Terminator story continues on for our viewing pleasure, but then there’s Saw IX or MXCII or whatever the heck they’re up to, and well, come on…you can have too much of something.

Getting up the duff with kid number three was a major impetus for my self-imposed blogging exile, namely cos I was just so damn tired. And if I needed to muster up extra passion and effort for something, I figured it should really be for my existing kids (who shall hereon be referred to as Little Miss Boob and Little Master Boob respectively) or my hubby (Mister Boob) as opposed to blogging.

But now that the third Little Boob has flown the womb, I’m finding myself relatively housebound and in some serious need of a daily outlet. So there you go. The little one who took me away from this online sphere is the same one who’s brought me back. Poetry in motion. I like.

Yeehaw, this is gonna be the biggest comeback since Britney. Though don’t expect any photos of me strutting around in sequined hotpants anytime soon. (Or in fact, ever).

There we go.

Now we’re on the same web-page.


4 Responses to “I’m still Jenny from the blog”

  1. Jody Says:

    Hey Jenny

    Jody the comedian here from Sydney! Good to see you back! I’m up the duff too. That’s what I get for playing with boys for a while. Who knew all of those lesbian only years I was secretly as fertile very bloody fertile.

    Where are you in the world now?

    • jennywynter Says:

      Holy guacamole!!!!!!

      Congrats babe! When are you due? Still in Canada, I’ll write you a proper email soon! xxx

      • Jody Says:

        I’m very early in so due in November! Have morning sickness and the like now. Blurgh. I think anyone who has survived pregnancy is a hero now.

  2. rn Says:

    Glad to have you back Jen; love the new Tyke.

    Thanks for inviting me back; Ithink I’m all catched up now.

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